They only used one bed. Why are you sending them five bills? 


From the inside, you understand exactly why. Because your organization is siloed by historical, regulatory, and political forces that will take many months, if not years, to resolve.


An executive friend from a major New York City based system said to me recently, “Our marketing department spends a lot of money to plant our brand into the consciousness of our market, but we continue to send patient bills segregated by hospital, radiology and attending physician.  Didn’t we just train them not to read past the brand's name?" 


Of course, we all know that regulation and governance, to say nothing of organizational politics, make a single paper bill impossible in 2019.  But with a fairly simple application of experience and technology, it is absolutely possible to create a “virtual patient bill” for patients who regularly say, “Please stop sending me the *&#@ paper!” anyway.


Loyale has a proven solution that can give patients and staff a single, coherent window into patients’ financial responsibility today.  We call it “One Bed – One Bill” and it doesn’t interfere with your current strategic initiatives or require you to unplug or replace your existing tools or processes. In some cases, our adaptive deployment may actually accelerate a critical project, like the migration to a new enterprise EMR.



Patients don’t have a clinical experience and a financial one.  They have One Experience.

When the CFO of what was to become our first hospital customer 10 years ago asked us if we could deliver the kind of contemporary visibility and convenience to their orthopedic patients that we were delivering to university students and their parents, I said I was sure we could, but I asked, “Why would you want to?”  His response was that if his organization looked like they were “on the ball” administratively, then their patients might also have greater confidence that his surgeons would operate on the correct knee.


The secret sauce of One Bed – One Bill is powerful, but not really a secret.  Loyale has spent over 30 years developing the expertise to quickly integrate information already present within an organization into a single, coherent reference source.  For patient experience, this coherence is about your patients’ current financial responsibility.  The result allows patients and staff to understand more clearly what is owed and how to pay for it.


This difference in outcomes has proven so effective at improving post-procedure collections for two of America’s leading healthcare organizations, that both are now moving to add our pre-procedure patient engagement solutions as well.


Clarity first, then transparency.  Affordability and personal communication everywhere.


The first stage of Loyale brings coherence in patient responsibility for post-procedure balances, including total current responsibility as well as responsibility summarized by episode and venue.  If you desire, innovative affordability and payment options, personalized digital communications, and electronic versions of all bills and statements to support the “Bill” can be included.

The second stage integrates patient eligibility and estimation to add pre-procedure transparency to reduce patients’ financial anxiety and the potential postponement or abandonment of treatment.

Appropriate analytics and intelligent workflow are included at each of the stages to streamline processes and inform management and staff of what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next.


A solution as easy to acquire and deploy as it is to use.

A Loyale patient engagement platform can be deployed in as little as 8-12 weeks, depending upon enterprise size and infrastructure complexity.  Our largest health system deployed over 100 hospitals and more than 1,000 owned physician groups in just over 10 months.

Loyale patient engagement platforms are often self-funding, using the savings of each stage to finance the next level of improvement.  We will be happy to discuss how Loyale can work within your purchasing regimen to minimize acquisition friction and expedite deployment.

If you're interested in a conversation, please click here to send me an email. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to learning more about your objectives and challenges. 

Dan Peterson, Chairman and Founder